Top 10 Tips on Encouraging Membership Renewals

Membership organisations have a duty to protect their most valuable resource: their members. And this means not only finding and recruiting members for their groups, but also ensuring they provide a high quality service with clear benefits to ensure retention of the members they already have.

Here are our top 10 tips for membership management to ensure you get the renewals you need for your organisation to flourish.

1. Value is always top priority

Without a doubt, value is now a far bigger driver than cost for any member considering a subscription to your organisation. Rec Therapy Ceus Although you will need to keep your costs in line with the marketplace, the critical element that will ensure you recruit and retain the members you need will lie in the value of the service you provide.

This means giving your members the very best you can provide in terms of advice, support and industry information, all of which will ensure they feel proud to be a member and to be loyal to your organisation. By using a membership management support service you can even offer CPD and qualifications to members through their easy to use management software solution.

2. Deliver on your benefits

You will already have set out the benefits that are available to your members, but ensuring these are delivered in a high quality and organised manner is critical to your success and to your retention and recruitment of members. Depending on your industry and structure, you may be offering posted or emailed materials, member events, support or group responses to consultations or even PR opportunities for your members. Focus on the delivery of this service and you’ll find your membership and reputation grows in an organic and robust manner.

Of all the membership retention strategies you can adopt, a focus on high value, quantifiable benefits to member’s ranks up there with the most important of all.

3. Create a balanced budgeting strategy

Setting a budget that favours the acquisition of new members over the provision of value and retention of existing members is a false economy. Whilst it is certainly important to drive new members to the organisation, it is also important to ensure you are providing high value to your existing members to ensure retention of those you have already engaged.

Plan for a realistic split of budget between acquisition, retention and growth, with the lion’s share being allocated to keeping your existing members happy.When your current member’s think highly of your service, your reputation will precede you and new members will be drawn to the organisation with less effort and expense on your part.

4. Be savvy with recruitment strategies

To make your recruitment budget stretch further and become more effective, you need to allocate a good proportion of it to research and development of your overarching strategy. Understanding who your target audience are and how to reach them is critical to your success, so make sure you build in plenty of time and resources to strategy development and research.

As a general rule, smaller organisations will find electronic methods of communications to be the most cost effective and easy to manage of the options available. However, if you are at the top end of the market or have a membership base in excess of 5,000, then you might want to consider physical direct mail as an option to cement your position as an organisation of excellence. A 2010 benchmarking survey found the majority of organisations with over 5,000 member’s favoured direct mail over other methods of membership management as this was deemed to produce the best results.

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