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So you think you’re funny huh? You keep your coworkers in stitches and your friends all say you should try stand up comedy. You have some funny ideas, and maybe even imagined yourself killing it on a grand stage. But before the plunge into the comedic abyss can be made, there are a few simple tips that can take you from complete silence to having an audience on the edge of their seat.

1. Write Some Jokes.
The first tip to becoming a stand up comedian is obvious. Figure out what is funny and write about it. Everyone in the world has a story, the only problem is, most people fail to translate their story into a masterpiece. Would The Thinker sculpture be as monumental if Auguste Rodin never worked with copper? What if Leonardo da Vinci applied his brilliance to beoming a blacksmith instead of the painting the Mona Lisa? Treat your writings as your own Mona Lisa, and take pride in transferring your ideas from your Top 10 Best Lightest Gaming Mice brain to your notebook. Once you have some material, it is time to find an audience for your work.

2. Find A Stage
Now it is time to work up some guts, and sign up for some stage time. If you live in or near a large city then chances are there is a comedy club that provides amateurs with a stage, or a bar that advertises an open mic in your area. I’m from central Illinois and there was only one location for comedy in town and they held an open mic once a month, so the opportunities were limited. Now I am located in Phoenix Arizona and there is available stage time every night of the week.

There is a plethora of websites which provide lists of open mic nights, but Facebook has become the premium for advertising stage time. If you can, head out to an open mic night before you are scheduled to perform to understand how the whole operation works. Once you find a stage, find a night that works best for you and contact the person who runs the show. That person will put you on a list with a handful of other comics, and now you are ready to rock and roll.

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