Secrets For A Better Life

Dr. I.V. Hilliard was called at the age of nine to preach God’s Word. He and his wife Dr. Bridget are the cofounders of New Light Christian Center Church with a congregation of over 28,000 members. I.V. Hilliard is a bestselling author, much sought after conference speaker, and daily TV host of “MaxLife” ITV channel.

Potential For A Better Life

In three sections, Dr. Hilliard presents eight chapters leading to a better life. He addresses, the definition of potential for a better life (Ch. 1), the potential for a better life desired (Ch. 4), the declaration of potential for a better life (Ch. 5), potential for a better life direction (Ch. 7), and so much more.

Living A Better Life Today

Dr. I.V. Hilliard presents an appealing style with a bold, informative better life approach. He introduces, “The hidden untapped ability to do what has not been done before is something that we all possess. Unlocking that potential is the key to manifested success, fulfillment in life, and a better life.” His uplifting tone inspires optimism and hope!

Defining his topic, Hilliard begins with pointed questions, asking, “Where did you get the limitations in your thinking?” He swiftly refers to God’s involvement declaring, “Only God has the right to define what your capabilities are and what your expectations should be in life.” And, “… God wants much more for you right now… ”

The urgency in Dr. Hilliard’s tone shall draw readers beyond present milestones. He initiates, “Desire, properly incubated and developed, becomes a “requirement” that gives birth to bold action, creative genius that makes a demand on untapped potential causing the status quo to be unacceptable.” Readers are challenged to advance.

Hilliard uses biblical principles to help readers act on solutions. He inspires with, “The scripture teaches that we activate the principle that releases spiritual forces of divine help in our pursuits when we speak faith-filled words.”

Edifying qualities are evident in Dr. Hilliard’s presentation as he instructs, “The key to success is a well thought out plan of action that coordinates several independent tasks to accomplish a predetermined objective.” His seven strategic elements are, “… Academic Research… Available Resources… Alignment of Relationships… Accurate Regimentation… Assessment of Risks… ” and two other life changing concepts towards living a better life today!

Advance Toward Your Better Life

Dr. I.V. Hilliard successfully instructs and invokes inspired action towards living a better life!


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