Four British Sportswomen Wiped From Memory in the Wake of Andy Murray’s Wimbledon Victory

Watching Roger Federer and Serena Williams on television can’t be as exciting as watching them live at Wimbledon. So if you are a fan of these tennis stars do not hesitate to book your tickets for the Wimbledon Championships of 2010. Wimbledon tennis tickets can now be availed online at very affordable prices.

Wimbledon Tennis Tickets: Game Info
As the oldest and the most popular tennis competition in the world, the rush of Wimbledon tennis tickets remains unsurpassed by any other sports event. The competition has been held at the All England Club, situated in a London suburb, since 1877. This game is one of the four Grand Slam competitions and the only one played on grass as yet. Grass, the sport’s original surface, gave lawn tennis its name.

The Wimbledon tournament takes place over 14 days between June end and early July. The women’s and men’s singles final are scheduled for the second weekend. Wimbledon Removals Every year witnesses five major events along with four junior and four invitational events.

Some of the traditions of Wimbledon followed till date are a stringent dress code for competitors and royal patronage. Eating strawberries and cream, as well as drinking Pimms spritzers are a few others that remain unforgotten.

Wimbledon Tennis Tickets: Historical Details
When the event initiated professionally, Wimbledon tennis tickets were priced one shilling. What is now known as the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was earlier called ‘The All England Croquet Club’. It was a private club established in 1868.

The early 1870s saw the game of lawn tennis being devised by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield and named ‘Sphairistike’. However, the game was added to the club activities in 1875. In 1877, the club was re-titled its present name. The change of name was emphasized by the introduction of the first Lawn Tennis Championship.

The new rules which were drawn up to replace the code governed by the Marylebone Cricket Club for the grand event are very similar to the rules today. However, the only event held in the first match was the Gentlemen’s Singles. By 1822, the club concentrated all its activities to lawn tennis and the word ‘croquet’ was removed from the title. ‘Croquet’ was restored for sentimental reasons and the club became ‘All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’

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