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Hardly anyone ever sees the classic “Virus” now days. Spyware and Trojans are way bigger threat today. Therefore, criteria’s by which antivirus software and security suites should be measured have also been changed. Some while ago, we developed the point of view about the word Antivirus in general, when we say Antivirus we refer to a software that protects PC from all kinds of threats, against Virus, Spyware, rootkits and Adware, Trojans and all the other malware as well as Identity Theft and Phishing. Modern Antivirus should be able to handle all the threats listed above.

Before answering the question what is the best Antivirus for 2011, there is a question, which of these two should we use; Standalone Antivirus or the whole Security Suite. 5-6 years ago definition of Security Suite was different than it is today. Back then, when software included firewall, people used to refer it as Security Suite, but that has changed now. Modern Security Suites include far more than firewalls: full Security Suites have many features such as Parental Control, Site Adviser, Spam Protection and email Protection, Identity Theft protection, Anti Spyware and many other features, also some Security Suites include utilities such as personal data encryption, data shredders, back-up utilities and rescue disks. So when it’s about choosing between Security Suites and Standalone Antivirus, it’s really up to you, to make a choice, first of all you need to consider which of those features you may find useful.

Competition between Antivirus vendors largely bitdefender depends on which Antivirus includes more features for standalone product.

To answer the question what is the best Antivirus for 2011, let’s make a quick reviews of several leading Antivirus software products:

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011:

To make it simple, this particular Antivirus is easiest to use Antivirus on the market today. In fact it’s ridiculously easy, considering there are only 3 buttons on the main interface. Well surely modifying settings is possible if needed but the engineers made sure you won’t be spending much dealing with settings. So, there are Scan, Options and Statistics buttons. Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Plus 2011 largely depends on Internet Connection rather than your system, which is good since the Antivirus Engine hardly, uses the system resources. Even the installation process is extremely fast. It really does take less than a couple of minutes. When it comes to detection, Trend Micro shows fairly good results.

Norton Antivirus 2019:

Even though Norton 2011 standalone doesn’t include full firewall features, Antivirus itself with new Reputation scan system shows remarkable results, Reputation Scan is designed to reduce Scan time by skipping the files Norton has previously determined cannot be infected. Norton AV 2011 also includes unique feature to protect against Facebook threats. Truth is, This Antivirus has already won many rewards in this year; its fast, and its reliable.

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